EmployeeCentral: Employee management Web Application built with Laravel.

Employee Central is an Employee management web application built using Laravel 4.0. I chose L4 simply because of its simplicity and power.

Apart from being an MVC framework, it has an elegant and expressive syntax. It uses Facades, IOC, Events, Listeners, Composers and other goodies that will make your development more productive and fun.

Bluebeans   Employee Central

As for the templating, it uses blade that will provide you with clean syntax. I used AdminLte to quickly skin and come up with the over all back-end design of the application.

Bluebeans   Employee Central2


Each of the module was built using Laravel’s Package management tools that will quickly build your package/module blueprints for you.

View composers and Events are heavily used on displaying widgets and counters on the dashboards. Working with navigation menus can never be easier without using Vespakoen’s menu package for laravel.

Trello and Bitbucket were used for Team Collaboration and Code repository.

We will be releasing this as demo before the end October 2014. For more information regarding this project, visit Bluebeans Systems.

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